Um fansite de Deu A Louca Na Chapeuzinho



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Lobo L. Lobo, por Ana Lerran.

For My Chapeuzinho

Our rain shows on the winds and woods.
Flowers onfuse the wave,
My moonlight stars are still and long, The boughs
The harvest of the woods is seen. The water lies,
My amor loves the common stare, and the horror,
This heather.
This rome without a dream of the day is the same,
A spring and sky and dale, and music.
Your eyes were stayed with a glimmering light,
My dandelion flowers for the sea-shore.
Wonderful and lightning,
That friend of the Womb of the Sea,
Your human wings are still asleep. On the waters,
A sunlight on the star shall light the stars.

For My Chapeuzinho, por Ivy.